About Us

We are an independent venture capital and advisory firm licensed by the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK)

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, our highly connected and experienced people bring deep knowledge of the Indonesian landscape including key players and the regulatory environment, as well as a commitment to helping businesses and entrepreneurs succeed in Indonesia, our home

  • Mission

    To enable organizations to reach their full potential

  • Vision

    To become the enablement partner of choice

  • Values

    We venture to make the impossible possible
    We hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and ethical behaviour
    Unity in Diversity
    We believe in diversity and that it is an asset to the organization
    None of us is as strong as all of us
    We are committed to excellence in everything we do
    Social Responsibility
    We respect the environment and are committed to sharing our successes with the community


  • Investment

    We provide venture investments along with our management and business expertise to extraordinary founders or ventures in pursuit of building great enterprises
    • Venture Capital Traditional venture capital funding through capital investments and guidance from our experts
    • Venture Debt An alternative form of venture financing in the form of debt, allowing founders to retain more equity

  • Financing

    We facilitate the effective channeling of funds for foreign & domestic institutions or individuals and offer a number of different financing facilities
    • Productive Financing Financing for the purposes of working capital
    • Invoice Financing Financing capital against unpaid invoices
    • Structured FinancingFinancing arrangements where withdrawals are structured as agreed

  • Advisory

    Our unusual depth of insight and business experience allows us to provide strategic advisory services that truly add value for our clients
    • M&A Specialist services throughout the entire Buy-Side/Sell-Side M&A deal lifecycle
    • Capital Raising Structuring, management and negotiation services for the raising of capital
    • RestructuringStrategic advisory services for operational and financial improvement initiatives
    • Due Diligence Comprehensive research and analysis services


  • Our Deeply Connected Network

    Our network of top experts in Indonesia and across the globe afford our clients with numerous investment and business opportunities tailored to their needs

  • Our Team of Experts & Leaders

    Our team comprises of well-known and reputable experts and leaders of industry, providing our clients with the knowledge, network, and assistance needed to catapult towards success

  • Our Expansive Market Access

    Our experience in conducting business across regions and markets bring endless insight and access to market – opening doors and possibilities for our clients and investees